Mother Tree

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Mother Tree is a volume of children's books with valuable lessons. They consist of different stories being told by her to the children in the forest. This particular story is called "The Chosen One." This tale is about an American Indian chief's daughter named Little Flower who must choose between two warriors to marry by the next full moon. The two warriors are so equal in every manner that Little Flower cannot decide which one to choose. This problem soon teaches Little Flower not to judge people by their looks but by the contents of their hearts.

Read this book and several others in the series that will be coming soon. All of the books sold from this site are signed by the author and includes a bookmark. Thank you for y your support. Also available in Spanish 

Miami Book Fair International November 2018 pictures below, John Grisham and Supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor was on site too. Judge Sotomayor was selling her book so you know I had to get one, thank you mom for getting it for me while I was at my booth. She is one of my heroes. Thank you all who purchased my book and here are some pictures of you below.  

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Well this story begins long, long, ago with an Indian chief named Raging Horse. He had a daughter named Little Flower. Little Flower was very beautiful and she had a smile that would soothe your soul. Little Flower was an adult now and ready to get married.